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The story of Lim Group is forged from its determination to grow with its employees. It is with this objective in mind that the human resources policy draws its foundations and contributes to the development of its employees.

Lim Group faces permanent challenges.

Working within Lim Group means working in a pioneering company driven by passion for sport and performance. It also means working in an innovative setting, developing expertise in France and abroad, responding to demands for high-level products.

Commitment, confidence and audacity are our dearlyheld values through which each of our employees can fully develop. Every year, new employees join us to take up current and future challenges, thus contributing to the company’s progress.

Working with us means choosing a dynamic and rewarding career. The development of individual talents is a key component of collective effectiveness. It is the combination of these energies that drives us, which has taken the group to its current levels, and which will take it even further in the future.

Because growth is not static, our evolution depends on this forward progress, which is the guarantee that opportunities open as the group develops.

To welcome new talents and enable our employees to develop within the group, the human resources department continuously works to improve our organisation, our recruitment, our management and our training.

The corporate culture and the quality of the working environment, management and development opportunities are essential to enable our employees to feel fulfilled and to encourage the long-term success of our company. 2022 will be, once again, a year in which we are fully committed to our employees.

Our professions:

– Saddlemaker: with specific expertise, LIM saddlemakers are craftsmen of excellence. They are trained internally by our most experienced saddlemakers. These specialists are at the very heart of the creation of exceptional products, and may also, over the years, become truly multi-talented.

– Technical sales representative / sports saddle expert: Our sales representatives are trained internally within our training institute, and have real expertise in matching customers’ needs with the bio-mechanical specificities of the rider and the horse. Ambassadors of both our brands and our expertise, they strive to satisfy our customers, who remain at the heart of our concerns, on a daily basis.

– Customer-focused support staff: passionate about the company in the broadest sense, support functions are entirely dedicated to facilitating the growth of sales and improving customer satisfaction, while securing the activity and expansion of the company.

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