Albion Saddlemakers and LIM Group join forces

Albion Saddlemakers and LIM Group join forces

The LIM Group established in 1998 guarantees excellence in all its saddlery Brands. The success of LIM is confirmed by the international market they dominate. The excellent Brands within the group, Butet, CWD, and Devoucoux boast an impressive list of the world’s best riders, and aspiring riders competing and training in their saddles. 

With excellence at the heart of all LIM’s Brands it was a natural fit for the Group in its next steps, the acquisition of Albion Saddlemakers. 

Albion Saddlemakers is a global Brand and well renowned in the Dressage and Eventing markets. Created in 1985 by Paul and Sherry Belton, they developed the British Brand, which is now recognised worldwide for the design, quality, and feel provided by its saddles. 

The Belton’s have been preparing for the transfer of the company for the past year with the result, the merger with LIM, securing the future of Albion. Throughout this time, it has enabled the transfer of values and know-how that will allow continuity for the fans of the brand. 

Manufacturing will remain in Walsall, to ensure the quality and service that all the customers know. The LIM group has always maintained the specific identity of each brand of the group, and this will remain the same for Albion Saddlemakers. The expertise of the Albion craftsmen is unique and LIM Group is proud to become its patron. LIM will bring its production, digital, and science-based knowledge to aid the continual growth of the Brand. 

LIM has every confidence in Cath Gordon who has worked over the last 2 years to ensure the continuity of the brand with the existing teams in Walsall. 


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