EnviroEquine is now part of Lim Group, an American company specialized in the marketing of natural nutritional supplements for horses.

EnviroEquine is now part of Lim Group, an American company specialized in the marketing of natural nutritional supplements for horses.

Seven years ago, Angela Brackett-Knowles, a creative entrepreneur and a riding enthusiast, decided to develop her business focusing on equine health and well-being, in Wellington, Florida, in the heart of the American horse town.

EnviroEquine, with 12 employees, is the result of the collaboration between scientific experts, health and wellness specialists, and sports enthusiasts. The company manufactures products and services that contribute to improving the health and well-being of horses, and more generally pets.

Its unique feature is its vertically-integrated approach to the entire value chain, “from farm to stable”. The company carefully controls every stage of production to guarantee the best possible quality to its customers.

“We solely work with suppliers committed to sustainability and excellence in quality.  Our vertically-integrated approach demonstrates our promise to work with transparency and integrity, essential values for today’s consumers who want to trust the quality, efficacy, and value of a product,” says Angela Brackett-Knowles.

Angela’s customers are the end-users of the products she sells on the EnviroEquine website. Her network also covers the brand’s ambassador stables and sales agents located throughout North America, the USA, and Canada.

The brand, which is now mature in terms of product development, is teaming up with Lim Group to pursue its growth objectives.

The synergies created in the coming months will allow, among others, twenty additional sales representatives to be hired and orders to be taken directly on iPad devices (via the CIM-Customer in Motion by Lim Group app). Logistics, customer service, and sales support will also be enhanced to ensure efficiency and responsiveness to EnviroEquine’s customers and representatives.

By completing our product range, we want all our customers to benefit from EnviroEquine’s products and services in North America. Today, EnviroEquine has sales of €1.5 M and is targeting strong growth, to reach €7M by 2025,” explains Magali Maurizot-Kur, CFO of Lim GROUP.

“Synergies with the field operations are natural. Lim Group is a partner of prestigious stables that are also in contact with EnviroEquine’s teams. Angela has also facilitated relations between Arioneo and racehorse trainers. The links between our different brands and businesses are obvious and offer some wonderful opportunities in the future,” says Bertrand Pelletier, CEO of Lim USA.


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