Saddlery Solidarity

Saddlery Solidarity


Faced with the Covid-19 health crisis that has paralysed our country since mid-March, LIM Group (Leather in Motion, comprising CWD, Devoucoux and Butet saddlers), its top French riders and the Agence Fences have joined the call for solidarity set up by the FFE to help the most badly off riding schools.

An incredible chain of solidarity was set up several days ago, in response to the unprecedented health situation that our country and all the professionals in the equestrian sector have been experiencing. Under the impetus of our federation and of renowned international riders, everyone is getting involved to help the riding schools most in difficulty.

Initiatives are flourishing to respond to the urgent situation of those who can no longer feed their ponies and horses: some will offer their time to give riding lessons when stables reopen, others will send fodder or offer donations.

We naturally wish to contribute and join this surge of generosity to support riding schools in this unprecedented context and because animal welfare is at the heart of LIM Group’s concerns.

In response to the #cavalierssolidaire movement launched by the charity of the same name, created by the French Equestrian Federation, we are joining the call for solidarity under the #sellierssolidaires operation, by organising an auction of one of the saddles put at the disposal of our best French riders within the framework of our partnership, in collaboration with the Agence Fences.

Eleven riders spontaneously joined the movement. Their participation will allow eleven saddles to be put up for auction. The Agence Fences will generously organise these online sales from 1 to 9 May 2020, through its online auction platform,

The saddles of Kévin Staut, Roger-Yves Bost, Julien Epaillard, Alexis Deroubaix, Marc Dilasser, Alexandra Francart as well as Morgane Barbançon-Mestre, Marc Boblet, Mathieu Lemoine, Patrice Delaveau and Félicie Bertrand will soon be put up for sale.

Additionally, as everyone wishes to contribute to this cause, each rider will offer their time as part of a training course for the future owner of their saddle, of which the details will be defined when stables reopen.

The total amount of the sales will be donated to the charity’s emergency aid fund, which will ensure that the donations will objectively be passed on to the neediest clubs.

A big thank you to all of them!