Veg-tanned leather saddles

Veg-tanned leather saddles

A real technological challenge, saddles made entirely of purely veg-tanned leather have revolutionized the world of saddlery.

This recent process, which was obtained through the use of biodegradable plant-based tannins such as quebracho, mimosa and chestnut, makes this leather one of the most ecofriendly available. The combination of natural tanning and the mechanical processing of the leather makes it more resistant and meets the sporting requirements of the product and makes it suitable for intensive use. UV protection is also twice as good as chrome-tanned leather. Traditionally known for its firmness, this innovative formula now brings the flexibility and durability that have made Lim Group’s saddles famous.

The veg-tanned leather saddles have a new, more natural look, as the leather take on a beautiful patina over time. The controlled shaping of the leather and the mounting technique provide the rider with unequalled comfort. Pure veg-tanned leather is guaranteed allergenfree and is not dangerous for the health of its user or the horse.


• Leather that lasts twice as long

• Technological breakthrough by abandoning chrome

• Use of plant-based tannins including quebracho, mimosa and chestnut

•Biodegradable and ecological leather

• Unbeatable leather resistance during extreme and intense use

• Beautiful patina to the leather over time

• Double the UV resistance of chrometanned leather

Performance and aesthetic

• Innovative formula for a supple, responsive leather

• New, more natural look

• Leather shaping and assembly technique for comfort and with the rider in mind

• Non-allergenic: total safety for the rider and the horse

For information

• Veg-tanned leathers are usually firm and hard leathers, used in particular for the flaps

• Chrome-tanned leathers are soft and elastic leathers used for the seat and the seat pads

• Chrome is a toxic heavy metal which is harmful to the environment, takes decades to degrade and can cause contact allergies