Continuous improvement of working conditions

Continuous improvement of working conditions

The social values upheld by the LIM Group involve continuously improving our employees’ working environments. Issues relating to health, safety and working conditions are, therefore, at the heart of this improvement. It is with this in mind that the Group works with CTC (Centre Technique de Cuir), based in Lyon. This organisation enables us to work closely with engineers to develop the tools and machines designed to reduce the physical strenuousness of our employees’ work. In the same vein, we are resolutely committed to reducing and preventing musculoskeletal problems. For example, this approach and our partnership with CTC has led us to create a machine with an articulated arm which can reduce the force used by the operator by up to 90% during a specific procedure, reversing the seams. This progress now benefits the entire profession. Another activity has been carried out to prevent psycho-social risks. Managers underwent training in partnership with the occupational health physician, who then carried out an inventory on the basis of which the company will be able to carry out targeted actions.


Improving working conditions does not rule out an increase in productivity. This was evident through the design and implementation of the Lean Manufacturing operation at the Bidart site in 2016. This project aims to reorganise the workshop and offer greater visibility for employees, limiting the movements they have to make, and separating work areas which cause problems for other staff. Thus, the saddle tree production and pasting/ polishing areas have been separated into two separate workstations and have been physically separated. Through the overall reorganisation of the workshop, the Lean operation also led to improvements in productivity and the optimisation of our work flows.


Improved working conditions are also reflected in measures relating to the infrastructure. A number of actions have been taken in this regard in recent years: – At Nontron : renovation of the living area, changing rooms and bathrooms and resizing the storage building. Installation of meeting rooms and additional offices. – At Saint-Estèphe: installation of a print room, a meeting room and a plan to redevelop the entire site, with the support of CARSAT and the occupational health physician. – At Bidart: in addition to redeveloping the workshop, the living area has also been reorganised.


  • Dust and solvents.
  • SICLI checks the compliance of fire-fighting equipment and APAVE checks the electrical and infrared thermography installations.
  • Measuring noise.


It is only possible for us to carry out this work if we respect the safety of our employees. Supported by CARSAT, the labour inspectorate and the occupational health physician, management and our health and safety committees work together towards this goal of continuous improvement. From this point of view, and by means of an example, an inventory was carried out and actions were undertaken in various areas such as the use and storage of chemical products, and the dust and solvents to which employees may be exposed.